Advanced Diagnostic Services


State of The Art Diagnostic Procedures

Our team includes members who each have over ten years of experience performing abdominal ultrasounds and are capable of performing comprehensive and diagnostic sonographic exams. All of our doctors are capable of performing FAST (Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma) scans at any time to help treat patients that come in on emergency.

We also have the technology, skills and experience to perform minimally invasive diagnostic procedures with various scopes, such as endoscopy (using a flexible scope to examine the stomach and intestines), rhinoscopy (scoping of the nose), and otoscopy (scoping of the ears).

Additional diagnotic procedures include:

CT Scans

A CT scanner is an advanced, non-invasive imaging tool that allows our specialists to see high-resolution cross-sectional images of a pet’s internal structures.


Bloodwork is an important preventative and diagnostic modality. We offer wellness panels as well as specific tests to determine your pet’s overall health.
– CBC  – Chemistry Panels  – Thyroid Test  – ACTH Stim Test  – Phenobarbital Test

Digital X-Ray

Our digital x-ray system allows our doctors to diagnose internal problems quickly.


During an ultrasound procedure we can visualize internal organs in motion, such as performing pregnancy tests, checking for bladder stones, etc.


Our cytology lab makes it possible for doctors to diagnose your pet at a microscopic level.


We can diagnose urinary tract, bladder, and kidney problems by performing a urinalysis.

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